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Juan Montalvo y 12 de febrero
Pto. Francisco de Orellana (Coca)
Amazon Ecuador




Panacocha Lodge


Getting There

Departing from Quito to Coca.
Option 1.- by plane (30 minutes flight) over the eastern Andes mountain range.
Option 2.- by public bus (7 to 8 hours ride). 
Option 3.- with private transport (5 to 6 hours ride).

Departing from Baños to Coca.
Option 1.- by public bus via Tena (7 to 8 hours ride). 

From Coca town we leave for a 3‐3½ hour (depending on river’s water level) down the Napo River. Then, we go 1 hour upstream the Pañayacu river, until you reach the Pañacocha lake, where the lodge is located. During the trip you will receive a pick-nick lunch and bottled of  water.
The boat is comfortable and safe, and has a 75 pk engine, life jackets and fire extinguisher.

Pañacocha Lake & Pañayacu River

The Pañacocha lake and the Pañayacu river are home to many spicies of fish (including pirañas, paco, catfish, corvina, etc), giant river otters, aquatic birds, caimans, pink river dolphins, and remarkable manatees.


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