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Juan Montalvo y 12 de febrero
Pto. Francisco de Orellana (Coca)
Amazon Ecuador



The Lodge 12The history of Pañacocha Ecolodge starts in 1994 when the Ecuadorian brothers Armijos Sanchez came to Coca, looking for work opportunities to have a better life. They started working in tourism in different parts of the rainforest and in different lodges. During one of those trips they got to know Pañacocha very well and they fell in love with this precious place.

After years of working in tourism, they came up with a new concept for a lodge, which gives guests more freedom in schedules and better chances of sightings by listening to and following nature, instead of fixed programs. They decided to follow their dreams to make their own Ecolodge, with this unique concept, as they would wanted it to be if they were a guest there.

Crew of the LodgeThey implemented and combined all their knowledge and experience, and in 2010 they personally designed and built Pañacocha Ecoldoge to what it is; a wonderful lake side jam in the middle of primary forest. It has everything visitors needs to make them feel at home and to be able to enjoy this magical nature of Pañacocha to the fullest.

You get a sense of how it really feels being in the middle of the rainforest, but safely with a comfortable lodge and very skilled crew behind you”.


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